Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), the Governor of each State must submit a Unified or Combined State Plan to the U.S. Secretary of Labor that outlines a four-year workforce development strategy for the State’s workforce development system. The publicly-funded workforce system is a national network of Federal, State, regional, and local agencies and organizations that provide a range of employment, education, training, and related services and supports to help all jobseekers secure good jobs while providing businesses with the skilled workers they need to compete in the global economy.
When examining Workforce Investment Act system activities in Mississippi, it becomes evident that the majority of education and training provided by the core programs are for jobs in the healthcare sector. Specifically, 937 individuals in 2014 received education and training in the areas of nursing (RN, LPN, and CNA), radiography, pharmacy technicians, phlebotomy, dental hygiene, physical therapy, and respiratory care
On the whole, businesses reported needing workers with labor and trade skills and those with basic work skills (e.g., reading, writing, appropriate workplace conduct). The general consensus among businesses is that employees, across the board, lack core competency skills. Due to these deficiencies, WIOA requires applicants to take the WORK KEYS exam and score at least a SILVER before their application is completed. In addition to the core services administered by Combined Plan Partners, Mississippi’s workforce system offers a variety of employment services to ensure all job seekers have the resources and tools to secure gainful employment.

Medical2 Career College is approved for all or partial funding of all three courses: Certified Nurse Assistant, Medical Administrative Assistant, and Medical Assistant. Funds are up to $1500 per semester.

If the applicant meets their criteria based on income, dependents, and need, the applicant could be eligible for partial educational funding. The applicant must be attending a program which would be considered a step forward in their educational level.
1. Make an appointment for WORK KEYS exam with your county WIN job center.
2. Complete a Medical2 Career College school application on website or in your local school office.
3. Make an appointment with WIOA agent at your county WIN job center.
4. Attend an interview with the school director for approval to enter the program of study.
5. Request a letter of acceptance from Medical2 Career College stating when the class will be held.
6. Take letter from Medical2 to your appointment along with your photo ID, social security card,, proof of residence, proof of income, previous year’s tax return, and social security numbers of dependents.
7. Receive approval or denial for funds from the WIOA board member meeting.
For a student to attend the class, Medical2 requires a letter of intent to pay from the agency. They may email it to or fax it to 407-233-1192. The letter must include the applicant’s name, mailing address, amount the agency will be paying, and a contact person with contact phone number.

Non Profit Agencies & Eligibility Requirements By Agency

LIFT is a national nonprofit dedicated to ending intergenerational poverty. They connect hardworking low income parents and caregivers of young children to the people, tools and resources they need. The ability to meet basic needs, obtain education, secure stable employment and understand the impact of building credit and savings all increase a family’s capacity to achieve economic security. LIFT offices may be regional or county based.