Online Phlebotomy Technician Certification

Thank you for your interest in the Medical2 Phlebotomy Online Certification Exam. This test was devised for those individuals who have already acquired the proper training and experience required for a career in Phlebotomy. You must have completed 100 or more documented venipunctures, plus 25 or more finger or heel sticks to be eligible for the exam. This is a multipal choice exam, covering all aspects of phlebotomy (basic and advanced), with emphasis on Safety Techniques and Special Procedures, and will last for approximately 3 hours. You must pass the written exam with a 75%. A Certified Phlebotomy Technician certificate will be awarded to those who successfully pass the exam.

The following is an outline of the topics covered within the exam:

  •     Standard Venipuncture
  •     Order Forms/Requisitions
  •     Equipment
  •     Labeling of Specimens
  •     Tubes
  •     Order of Draw
  •     Procedural Issues
  •     Vein Selection
  •     Site Selection
  •     Finger sticks
  •     Possible Complications
  •     Medical Terminology
  •     Infection Prevention & Control
  •     Safety Techniques
  •     Common Transmittable Diseases
  •     Special Procedures: Butterflies, Bleeding Time Tests (with knowledge of Ivy Method), Glucose Tolerance Tests, Arterial Draws (Blood Gases), Cold Agglutatin Tests, Blood Cultures, Fibrin Degradation Products (with knowledge of Thrombo-Wellco Test), Burn Victims
  •     Pediatrics

The written exam contains 100 questions. The exam with book cost is $170.
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Start date 2016-06-20
Cost $125