Medical Administrator Assistant

The Medical Administrative Assistant Program is designed to give students the basic knowledge and skills necessary to work in an administrative or office setting. The Program includes the front office skills required for a smooth flow including scheduling, receiving, and discharging patients. Medical records, insurance claims, collections, purchasing and management is also emphasized. Included in the program is a 13 weeks distance education program all online study courses then 60 hours externship. Medical Administrative Assistant graduates will find job opportunities are in physician's offices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and other types of healthcare facilities.

Cost excludes soft pink scrubs and close toe shoes

Tuition $1300

Administration, Educational, and Technological Fees $ 395

Total Cost $1695

Payment Plan-$645 down & $350 per month for 3 month on AutoPay 

starting 1 month after 1st day

Method of Delivery-- Distance Education and Externship

Requirements for distance education---

  • A computer, tablet, or phone with internet capability

  • Internet services

  • Any program with video watching capability

  • A printer, optional


  • A completed application

  • Attest to criminal background check with no strong felonies

  • Interview with Director-considerations are ability to benefit, reason student wants to enter the program of choice, understanding the requirements of employment in the program of choice, ability to pass the courses, ability to pay fees or financial aide, if available

  • A copy of your high school transcript, diploma, GED, or signed attestation.

  • A copy of photo ID as proof you are least 17 years of age. If 17 years of age, provide a signed parental consent form is required.

  • Must be physically able to perform the employment skills of the program. If any pre-existing conditions restrict and/or limit your abilities, a written statement from a physician stating limitations is required. The Director will inform the student if attending the program will not lead to employment due to limitations.

Addition GRADUATION requirements

  • Program fees paid in full

  • Criminal background check with no felony convictions

If accepted, understand Mississippi law requires background checks for individuals seeking employment in a health care facility providing direct patient care that are regulated by the Mississippi Department of Health. You will be responsible for the cost and delivery of the results to Medical2 Career College.

Medical 2 Inc is licensed by the Mississippi Commission on Proprietary School and College Registration, Certificate No. C675.

Courses for Medical Administrative Assistant Program – studied in consecutive order – TOTAL 390 HOURS

CAREER - Career Development and Life Skills

Graduates will be able to:

  • Implement strategies to assist with test-taking

  • Understand the history of medicine

  • List the types of medical healthcare facilities

  • Describe the types of facility staff members

  • Apply the importance of professionalism and listening skills

  • Perform the essential requirements for employment, such as resume writing, effective interviewing, dressing professionally, time management, and following up appropriately

  • Exercise life skills of conduct, appearance, and professionalism, not only to obtain employment but to also retain employment

  • Explain what continuing education is and how it is acquired

  • Describe current employment outlook for the medical assistants

  • Compare allied health professions with their relation to medical assisting

  • Understand the medical assistant requirements for credentialing, the process and importance to obtain the credentials

MED OFFICE----Medical Office Procedures

Prerequisite---CAREER DEV

Graduates will be able to:

  • Describe how a computer works, networking systems, and how the computer has helped streamline medical offices

  • Demonstrate the correct telephone techniques

  • Schedule appointments

  • Exercise professional verbal communication skills with patients during greeting, admitting, and discharging patients, including patients with abnormal behavior patterns, cultural differences, or terminal illnesses

  • Maintain proper inventory of supplies and asset list of equipment

  • Become a Team player to attain optimal patient health outcomes

  • Use professional written communication with patients

  • Explain the importance of Administration finance records

  • Control issues, conflicts, and communication between staff members for a smooth work environment

  • Understand the supervision duties and human resource management

  • Deal with customer service issues

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the core competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice; deliberately working together with the common goal of building a safer and better patient-centered healthcare system

  • Exhibit compliance with HIPAA guidelines, the ADA Amendments Act, and the Health Information Technology (HITECH) Act, Code of Ethics, local, state, and federal regulations related to the medical field

EMR TERM---- Medical Records and Terminology

Prerequisite---MED OFFICE

Graduates will be able to:

  • Navigate electronic health records systems and practice management software

  • Preform basic computer skills

  • Schedule appointment and process new patient’s forms

  • Admit patient when arriving

  • Process patient’s personal information into a chart

  • Prepare Certificate to Return to Work, appointment reminders, Medical Records Release Form, Incident Report, Referral Form, and Prior Authorization Request Form

  • Complete Office Inventory Form

  • Update Patient Demographics and Complete Advance Directive

  • Send missed appointment email

  • Understand the basic medical terminology

  • Build and dissect medical terminology from roots and suffixes to understand the word element combinations

BILLCODE---- Medical Billing and Coding

Prerequisite---EMR TERM

Graduates will be able to:

  • Implement basic concepts for Billing and Coding

  • Perform billing and collections procedures

  • Use basic procedural and diagnostic ICD-10 codes

  • Process insurance claims in an ambulatory setting

  • Explain association with the insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid

  • Check for all correct documentation before submitting claim

  • Submit the claim

  • Post payments from patient and insurance company along with adjustments

  • Submit Insurance Claim tracer

  • Prepare customer statements

  • Document process reports

  • Create bank deposit

  • Generate phone messages and Physical Activity Report

  • Process documents for lab results

  • Assist the patient in navigating issues and concerns that may arise (i.e., insurance policy information, medical bills, and physician/provider orders)

BILLCODE2--- Advanced Medical Billing and Coding


Graduates will be able to:

  • Prepare all claims in an ambulatory setting to be filed

  • Verify all coding is correct

  • Correct any coding as needed

  • File claims

  • Apply insurance payments

  • Communication with all insurance companies

  • Collect pas due accounts

COMM--- Communications

No Prerequisite

Graduates will be able to:

  • Professional writing communication with physicians

  • Professional speaking skill with physicians

  • Professional communication with co-workers

  • Professional communication with patients and family members

EXTERN---- Externship

Prerequisite---BILL CODE & COMM

The student will work in an office setting under direct supervision of a competent supervisor who is an employee of the facility. Training will be given in the reception area, insurance, and discharge area to the student.

Employment Opportunities

    Medical Administration Assistant
    Medical Secretary
    Medical Receptionist
    Medical Office Specialist
    Office Manager
    Medical Records Clerk

Employment Outlook

From specialists to nurse practitioner’s walk in clinics, Tupelo, Mississippi is the core of medical care facilities for North Mississippi giving students many opportunities for employment. According to the most current Department of Labor statistics reported in May 2015 for Mississippi, Records and Health Information Tech, Healthcare Support Occupations, and Healthcare Support Workers total more than 35,750 employed.

Average Salary

The average annual salary in Mississippi is $23,420, based on $11.26 per hour at 40 hours a week for 52 weeks. The top of the range of wages is $50, 148 based on $24.11 per hour.

Start date 2016-06-19
Cost $1695