OB Technician Complete Program

Earn your National OB Tech Certification at home without spending a lot of time and money through Medtical2  online certification exam, or home study program with online exam

** If you are already a working OB Tech, or OB Surgical Tech and need certification only, you can now take the online exam anytime day or night!

This program is designed to teach all the fundamentals of the Obstetric Technician. OB Tech is a technician who assists during labor and delivery, as well as many other OB/GYN procedures. Many of the OB Tech's duties will be performed in an operating room.

Duties : Assisting nurses with patients on the OB floor, stocking supplies in patient rooms, assisting with patient care in labor and delivery. Assisting in the operating room with OB-GYN related surgery. Assisting with patient care before and after surgery. Taking vitals, general charting, medical terminology, and OB-GYN floor secretarial duties.

Prerequisites : CNA, Patient Care Technician, Surgical Technician or Technician, EMT, Medical Assistant, Nursing Assistant, etc...
Call Medical2 if you have any questions concerning Prerequisites.

Program Cost : $995 Complete Home Study Program with two free OB Tech Certification exam, and if you fail the 2nd exam too, $50 per exam thereafter. And for OB Tech Certification exam only without the complete program, cost is $150 for each attempt.

Program Length: Maximum 1 year.

When the Test Must be Completed: Anytime within the program length of 1 year.

How the Program Works : Register, Study and prepare for exam. Take your exam anytime with in one year of the registration or when you get your books. If you chose the complete home study program, your books and study guides will be sent out within 3-5 business days.

The program and exam will cover the following topics:

  •     Maternity Nursing
  •     Assisting with Patient Care
  •     Surgical Instruments
  •     Operating Room Technique
  •     Maternity Nursing

Provides an in depth review of maternity on a Registered Nurse's level to the OB Technician, as the OB Tech reports to and works directly with the RN in this position.
Assisting with Patient Care

This section will cover all patient care aspects the OB Tech will be required to perform on a regular basis, outside of the OR. This includes, general charting, recording vital signs, and basic care of the patient.
Surgical Instruments

This section is designed to make the student familiar with the most commonly used surgical tools and instruments used for OB/GYN-related procedures, as the OB Tech will be required to handle such equipment.
Operating Room Technique

A large portion of an OB Tech's time and duties will be spent in the OR, assisting both nurses and physicians with OB/GYN-related procedures, such as C-Sections, routine labor and delivery, as well as any OB/GYN-related procedure, such as hysterectomies.

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Start date 2016-04-10
Cost $995