IV Therapy Certifican Online Exam

Thank you for your interest in the Medical2 IV Therapy Online Certification Exam.  This test was devised for those individuals who have already acquired the proper training and experience required to insert, maintain, and discontinue Intravenous Therapy. You must have acquired previous training and experience for this exam  and provide us the proof in order to take this online certification exam. This is a written exam, covering all aspects of Intravenous Therapy (basic and advanced), with Calculations, and will last for approximately 3 hours. You must pass the written exam with no less than 75%. A Certification Certificate will be awarded to those who successfully pass the exam. You may want to consider purchasing the Medical2 IV Therapy Book in order to prepare for the test

The following is an outline of the topics covered within the exam:
  •     Anatomy & Physiology
  •     Arterial Lines
  •     Equipment
  •     Blood Transfusion Therapy
  •     Calculations
  •     Central Lines
  •     Fluids & Electrolytes
  •     History of Intravenous Therapy
  •     Infection Prevention & Control
  •     IV Therapy Basics (i.e. Concepts, Medical Terminology, etc.)
  •     IV Therapy Technique
  •     Parenteral Nutrition Therapy
  •     Uses of IV Therapy
The written exam contains 100 questions. No partial credit will be given to large questions...they will either be correct or incorrect. The exam cost is $125. If you should fail the exam, you will be permitted to retake it up to 4 times within a 12 month period. The cost will remain the same each time.

The MS Commission on Proprietary Schools and College Registration has not reviewed or approved any CEU or Workshops offered through Medical2 National Certification Agency.

Start date 2016-04-09
Cost $125